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Guided tours on request

Historical walk

During this walk, our guides will tell you about the history of the historic city center and some of its famous inhabitants. We will dwell, among others, on the origins of the city, the House of Orange, the Old and New Church (outside), Hugo Grotius, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Johannes Vermeer. A second historical walk will lead you through the eastern and northern part of the city including the Oostpoort, the Paardenmarkt and some courtyards (almshouses).

Old and New Church

During this walk we will visit one or both churches and reflect on their history. In the Nieuwe Kerk, the tomb of William of Orange and the model of the Royal burial vault will be highlighted. In the Oude Kerk there are a few fine tombs of, among others, Maarten Tromp and Piet Hein. The stained glass windows of both churches are more than worth seeing. During the walk between the two churches we will point out historical and other peculiarities. The entrance fee is € 7,50* p.p. for both churches, to be paid in one of the churches. Please note that on Sundays both churches are closed to visitors.

Johannes Vermeer

The theme of this walk is the Delft master painter Johannes Vermeer. In his time he enjoyed little fame, but today he is one of the most famous painters of the 17th century. We will take you along the various places in the city where he lived and worked. In the Vermeer Centrum, which you can visit on your own, you can learn about all his works and the techniques he used.

Agneta Park

An interesting and attractive project of social housing built in 1884 by Jacques and Agneta van Marken, founders of the Yeast and Spirits factory. They were far ahead of their time with regard to improving the working and living conditions of the factory workers. During the walk you will get a good picture of the ideals and ideas of this remarkable couple. We walk with you through this special park which belongs to the top 100 of monuments within the Netherlands.


Delft has retained a number of almshouses from the 17th and 18th centuries. During this walk we will visit some of these hofjes such as the Klaeuwshofje, the hofje van Gratie and the hofje van Pauw. We take you back in time.


Dark Delft

A walk in which we will introduce you to the dark side - such as disease, poverty, crime etc. – of Delft during the Middle Ages and the Golden Age. The guide will tell you about the sometimes gruesome punishments that were given and, of course, will also recount the assassination of William of Orange by Balthasar Gerards.

City Prison Het Steen

From Monday to Thursday we can organize a tour of the 16th century city prison Het Steen - the medieval tower of the City Hall. This is only possible if there are no private meetings taking place in City Hall. Gilde Delft has to make an appointment with the City Hall in advance. A surcharge of € 2.25 p.p.* has to be paid.

Medical and Social

During this historical walk, we will focus on the medical and social aspects, in particular in earlier times, in our inner city. It is possible to combine this walk with a visit of the Medical Pharmaceutical Museum Griffioen. This museum has a unique collection of old medical, pharmaceutical and nursing objects. There is also a historic pharmacy. Museum staff provide guided tours here. The museum can be visited by appointment only, which Gilde Delft can arrange for you. The cost for this visit is € 6,00 p.p.*.


Our rates and the duration of the walks

- All our walks usually last ± 1.5 - 2 hours, but the durations can be adjusted upon request.
- Minimum rate is € 25,00 for 1 to 5 persons. From the 6th person onwards our rate is € 4,00 per person.
- Other prices can be agreed upon for educational institutions.
- Payment must be made in advance by bank transfer.
- For combination walks, the additional (entrance) costs* are in addition to the Guild rate. These rates are set by other organizations and are subject to adjustments by these organizations.

Group size
We maintain a maximum group size of 15 guests per guide. If the group is larger, we will deploy one or more additional guides at no extra charge.

Our walks can also be given in English, German or French. Requests must be submitted at least two days in advance.

How to register
All walks can be requested using the form below or:

Phone: (+31)6 506 264 17

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