Guided Tours

Guided Tours

From June 1st, our enthusiastic guides will be very willing to guide you through our beautiful historic centre.
Due to the covid-19 situation we do not offer tours inside buildings such as the Prinsenhof Museum and the Vermeer Center.
There is however an exception for the
New Church. So this church can be visited with our guides.
Gilde Delft follows the directives as published by the Dutch Government. 
Click on this link for the content of these directives

Gilde Delft is an organisation of enthusiastic volunteers who want to share their knowledge, especially on the historic city of Delft.

Guided Tours

All our tours are tailor made. You can decide on which day and at what time you prefer your guided tour. The duration of the tour is ± 1,5 hrs. , but longer or shorter is also possible. Due to the prevailing Governmental rules a maximum of 3 guests is allowed.

We offer guided tours in English, German and French.

We offer following guided tours:

Historic city walk
A tour through the historic center.
You will learn about the history of Delft and its interesting inhabitants, such as Johannes Vermeer, William of Orange, Hugo Grotius, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, and it will take you along historical buildings and sites.

It is possible to combine the historic tour with a visit to the New and/or Old Church.
In the New Church you will find the family crypt of our Royal Family, as well as an astonishing marble mausoleum of William of Orange.
The entrance fee for the churches of € 5,00 p.p. is not included in our price of the tour.
On Sundays the churches are closed.

Johannes Vermeer walk
The guide will make you familiar with the locations and stories related to Johannes Vermeer.
The tour can be combined with a visit to the Vermeer Center. This center shows all his 37 paintings in original size. Furthermore you will learn about the technics he used and the symbolism in his paintings.
The entrance fee for the Vermeer Center of € 8,00 p.p. is not included in our price of the tour.

Delft has some very charming almshouses, which were founded by the rich for the poor in the 16th, 17th, and 18th century.
The guide will take you to these houses and will tell you interesting aspects of their history.

At a 10 minutes’ walk from the center you will find the very special Agnetapark.
This village with houses for the factory workers of the yeast factory was built at the end of the 19th century by Jacques and Agneta van Marken, the founders of the Gist & Spiritusfabriek. They showed a revolutionary vision on the way of taking responsibility for their workers.
The Agnetapark was one of the first garden villages built especially for the factory workers of a company. It is one of the top-100 monuments of The Netherlands.

Prices guided tours
Minimum price is € 25,00 for 1 to/included 3 persons, to be paid by bank in advance.

Please use the application form for your reservation or send an email to